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Stur Design Corporate Profile

Contemporary & Custom Aluminum Shade Structures
by Staff

Stur Design provides opportunities for architects to select, customize and create pre-engineered shade and shelter solutions that are optimized for their designed environment. Our innovative aluminum construction methodologies minimize exposed hardware and provide a clean aesthetic with superior structural integrity.
To assist with specification, we provide 2D/3D CAD and models for standard and custom designs and location-based structural analysis and footing-slab loads. We distribute throughout North America and offer local state engineering for structural and footing-slab design.
Our design flexibility enables us to offer a wide range of customizable frame styles and modular layouts, including curvilinear and cantilevered designs. We provide a wide variety of roof options for both shade and shelter. Integrated and independent screens give options to delineate space, optimize privacy, and
mitigate high wind conditions.

Our high-value products and custom solutions are manufactured in Canada using ASTM grade high-quality aluminum and are finished with premium, super-durable powder coatings. Each structure is engineered to withstand the environmental conditions at the project's location and our innovative, pre-engineered construction process minimizes on-site
project management.
Low maintenance and highly durable, our products enjoy a long lifecycle and enhance their en-vironments for decades. The high-quality aluminum we utilize for structures and screens is infi-nitely recyclable. Stur Design has both an office and shop recycling policy, all office recyclables are processed through local municipal programs and we recycle all excess materials created during the manufacturing process.

Stur Design
195 Savannah Oaks Drive, Unit 12,
Brantford, ON N3V1E8


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