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Landscape Architect Articles
"Species Extinction and Invasion" February 1st Live Webinar01-26-24 | News

"Species Extinction and Invasion" February 1st Live Webinar

Glenn Rogers, PLA, Alder Landscape Architecture
by Staff

Learn about the species extinction, climate change and the effects of globalism on the environment.

Webinar Description:

Environmental Factors

Today, many insects find it hard to find food in what used to be their habitat as cities expand, deforestation continues and flooding occurs in as many as 25 states diminishing habitat. A farming industry, with vast acres of monocultures of a particular food crop also minimizes habitat. Also, Global Warming has a negative effect on insects since every insect is not able to adjust their body temperatures to rid the themselves of excess heat as other organisms can. Then, pesticides must be improved to kill pests specifically and allow regular insects to exist. Lastly, light pollution can seduce flying insects to circle around a light source until they become exhausted and perish because they have no energy to find food.


Glenn Rogers
Based in San Francisco Bay Area, Alder Landscape Architecture has been creating exciting landscape design since 1990.

Mr. Rogers has been a partner and collaborated with some of the best residential designers in the Bay area. As an intern, he worked in Southern California and learned the design style that captured the attention of such famous clients as Mike Douglas, Cher, Don Rickles and Rona Barrett. Mr. Rogers was part of the design team that worked on the Clark Gable estate in Encino. Areas of special expertise include residential entrances, pool design and special driveway layout.

Mr. Rogers's commercial work includes multi-family residences, roof gardens, arboretums, park and golf course design and water features. Mr. Rogers has even presented a solution for improved mass transit. For more information, click here https://westsideobserver.com/news/rogers.html#jul20a

Click here to register for only $25 and receive the link to the live session, interaction with the speaker, and a recording to watch again.

Learning Objectives:
1. Mention stipa pulchra is 1% of original stand.
2. Species extinction is happening.
3. Around 55,000 to 73,000 species go extinct each year.


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