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Protect Your Business from Drought

Live Event: November 11 at 3:00pm PST
by Staff

Joseph Gallegos is the CEO and president of GREYwater Irrigation Systems.

Droughts and water scarcity is growing concern nationally. The 2020/2021 winter is expected to be an El Nina, with little rain and snow fall. This course is for the whole landscape eco system on how to continue as a business with reduce or no landscape water budgets. Greywater is water generated onsite from showers, laundry and air conditioner condensation and reused on site. Greywater is not purple pipe recycle water or reclaim water.

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Big takeaways:
1. Codes to be aware of (building and landscape water ordinances)
2. Designing with greywater (true life experience - good and bad urban legends about soaps, detergents, lawns and plants)
3. Types of greywater systems on the market (with budgetary cost estimates)

Who should attend:
• Landscape architects

• Property managers of REITs, Homeowner association, and urban campuses
• Landscape contractors
• Landscape maintenance
• Plant nurseries

About the Speaker:

Joseph Gallegos
GREYwater Irrigation Systems

Joseph Gallegos is the inventor of the Aquifer Pipe, a new category of irrigation, that can be used for greywater distribution to landscapes. Tired of looking at his brown crunchy lawn during the California drought, Mr. Gallegos decided to do something about it. What started out as a weekend tinkering for the former international telecommunications executive, soon became a passion to make a better world: creating innovative water conservation models, greening our urban centers, sequestering carbon, reducing pollution, and cooling the environment through smart water use.

Webinar Details:
Protect Your Business from Drought with Greywater Irrigation Design (Live Webinar)

November 11, 3:00 - 4:00pm PST

1 CEU Credit - I.A.* LA CES (HSW) APLD*, NALP*, QWEL Applied


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