06-19-20 | Legislation

Proposed Infrastructure Legislation Calls for $1.5 Trillion

Moving Forward Act Could Replace the FAST Act
by Staff

There is disagreement within the House of Representatives over how much funding should go to infrastructure in the new legislation.

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The FAST Act is the surface transportation funding bill that has been in place since it was signed in December 2015. However, the legislation is set to expire on September 30 creating the necessity for a new bill to take its place. A replacement was suggested that would provide $494 billion towards transportation over the next five years, but it is believed the transportation bill would be the groundwork towards a larger infrastructure bill.

On June 15 it was reported that the Trump administration was considering a one trillion-dollar proposal. However, House Democrats put forth their own idea for a new infrastructure bill, the Moving Forward Act, that called for $1.5 trillion instead. This bill takes a broad approach regarding the definition of infrastructure as the proposed funding encompasses a wide range of recipients including education, housing, and clean water on top of roads and other more typical ideas of infrastructure.

The Moving Forward Act is said to have a strong emphasis on green initiatives resulting in push back from House Republicans. However, there is agreement on the idea of passing an infrastructure bill, therefore, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is expecting the bill to pass the House before July 4. The universal goal behind passing one of the proposed bills is to make progress towards improving the economy, therefore, there is a shared sense of urgency throughout Congress.


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