Paying It Forward to Those That Pay It Forward08-30-21 | Department

Paying It Forward to Those That Pay It Forward

Landscape Lighting Pro of Midvale, Utah

Landscape Lighting Pro of Midvale, Utah, is a design and installation company that recently ran an Instagram contest to reward hardworking community frontline workers during the pandemic. The contest intent was to assist health care and public service workers that came home from work

In June of 2020, Landscape Lighting Pro of Midvale, Utah wanted to give back to the community and say thank you to those healthcare providers, public servants, and community members who worked, and continue to work, extremely long hours in the fight against COVID-19. The design and installation team launched an Instagram contest in response to the global pandemic. Contestants entered for a chance to win a custom-tailored outdoor lighting system, valued at $2,500.00.

Jordan Duford was the winner of this contest. Duford was nominated because of his dedication to the fight against COVID-19. He was working 12-hour days, and several hours on the weekends, to ensure COVID-19 testing tents were staffed and equipped to test as many patients as possible.


The layout was designed to create a safe and aesthetic home after dark that would alleviate formerly poorly lit areas.

To create this warm and safe feeling at the Duford residence, Landscape Lighting Pro began by subtly illumining the architecture of the home. The design team achieved this by placing the fixtures low in the surrounding landscape while directing the lights up onto the home. Doing so created a wash of light that highlighted the beautiful elements of the home while at the same time providing that desired security the Dufords sought.

In addition, the installation team installed path lighting on the walk to the front entrance. Versatile path lights were used to add lighting to the once dark pathway. This style of lighting can be used in many areas of the property to bring function and beauty. For the Duford home, the design team added the path lights to the walk leading up to the home which allowed the Duford family, as well as their guests, to be safely guided to and from the front entrance.

When installing the path lights to the entrance, the lighting was staggered on each side of the walk so that the light was cast deliberately. The spacing was meant to provide a clear path without over lighting. The goal was to place the fixtures so the light that is cast works in sync with one another while still creating a welcoming environment for this hardworking community member.