03-16-23 | News

Ohio DOT Announces Record Construction Investment

State Investing $2.5 Billion Into Over 1000 Projects
by Staff

The Ohio Department of Transportation is putting a greater focus on improving infrastructure with a record $2.5 billion investment this year.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has announced that it plans to invest a record $2.5 billion in over 1,000 projects during this year's construction season to improve transportation and make Ohio's roads safer. The construction program includes 31 new projects with a value above $10 million and 190 safety projects aimed at reducing serious or deadly crashes. Over 5,700 miles of pavement will be improved, and 823 bridges will be repaired or replaced.

This investment is directed to keep the state's infrastructure in a good state of repair, according to Governor Mike DeWine, who stated, "Everyone in our state benefits from safe roads, and I am looking forward to seeing the end results of this year's roadway improvement projects."

Ohio DOT director Jack Marchbanks emphasized the importance of driver attention and patience when driving through work zones, stating that "these workers are out there ensuring that your travels are as safe as possible. They just ask for your attention and patience in return."

Ohio's Move Over law requires drivers to move over a lane for vehicles with flashing lights, and if drivers cannot safely move over, they are required to slow down.


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