08-31-21 | Association News

NRPA's Report Finds 94.4% of Park Agencies have Playgrounds

2021 NRPA Agency Performance Report Released

The 2021 NRPA Agency Performance Report looks at parks and recreation agencies across the United States and compile data related to prevalent park features, average maintenance costs, budget allocation percentages and more.

The National Recreation and Parks Association released the 2021 NRPA Agency Performance Review in which parks and recreation agencies from across the country provide relevant data in which NRPA compiles. Some of the key finds from their agency performance review showed that there are an average of 3,607 residents per playground and operating expenditures per capita average to be $88.30 per year.

According to the report, the most prevalent park feature was playgrounds found in 94.4% of parks and recreation agencies, basketball courts were second at 87.4%, then outdoor tennis courts at 81.4%, and youth baseball fields at 78.0%. A few more notable features include dog parks at 64.9%, community gardens at 48.3%, and skate parks at 39.3%.

Furthermore, the report displayed a budget section which revealed the median operating expenditures per acre of park and non-park sites across all agencies to be $7,556. Larger parks with 100,000 to 250,000 people within their jurisdiction saw that figure at 6,300 which smaller parks, 20,000 people or less, were at $7,959. Additionally, these agencies put 44% of their annual budgets towards parks, 43% to recreation, and 13% to other.


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