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NRPA Secures Funding to Boost Healthy Aging in Parks Initiative02-07-24 | News

NRPA Secures Funding to Boost Healthy Aging in Parks Initiative

RRF Foundation for Aging Partners with NRPA to Support Older Adults
by Staff

NRPA receives $86,000 grant from RRF Foundation for Aging to enhance Healthy Aging in Parks initiative, focusing on social connections.

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) has announced the acquisition of funding to bolster its Healthy Aging in Parks initiative. With a generous $86,000 grant from the RRF Foundation for Aging, NRPA aims to leverage parks and recreation to facilitate aging in place, nurture social connections, and counter the prevalent issues of loneliness and isolation among older adults.


Kellie May, NRPA chief partnerships officer, expressed gratitude for the collaboration with the RRF Foundation for Aging, highlighting the significance of parks and recreation in enhancing community well-being and serving as a crucial element in the social determinants of health. The grant will fund a research project to pinpoint effective interventions, scale best practices, and formulate a Healthy Aging in Parks framework. This framework will empower park and recreation professionals to address healthy aging, contributing to overall well-being.

Healthy Aging in Parks seeks to uphold the health, independence, and social ties of older adults. NRPA's initiative assists local park and recreation agencies in meeting the diverse needs of a growing older population, fostering inclusive, thriving, and resilient communities. The role of park and recreation agencies in supporting older adults is crucial, with a majority providing dedicated facilities, activities, and programming for this demographic, and emphasizing social connectedness as a primary benefit.



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