06-14-22 | News

Norris R. Legue, 1937-2022, Founder of Synthetic Surfaces

Nicknamed "The Guru of Glue", he made a massive impact on the world of adhesives
by Staff

Landscape Architect and Specifier News had worked with Legue for over three decades. (Photo from Rossi Funeral Home)

On May 29, 2022, Norris R. Legue died at 85 years old in his home in New Jersey. Legue was a big name in the adhesive industry and thus his loss will be felt throughout the community. He was born on December 31 in New Orleans. Most of his life was spent living in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, and Legue was fond of visiting new places, both far away and locally. He also liked to explore nature in addition to the city. He had a degree in Chemistry from Seton Hall University. After years of testing and developing samples of his adhesives, he went on to create his own company, Synthetic Surfaces. His NORDOT adhesive is one of the most prevalent glues used in gluing down turf football fields, and his legacy as "The Guru of Glue" will live on through his contributions to improving adhesive technology.



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