NALP Foundation Creates Virtual Learning Game03-27-24 | News

NALP Foundation Creates Virtual Learning Game

New Roblox Educational Experience
by Staff

"Landscape Design Empire" is a virtual Roblox experience intended to teach the next generation about landscaping through design, build, and management challenges.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) Foundation recently launched a learning experience called "Landscape Design Empire" on Roblox designed to educate young people about the landscape profession. According to the statement released by the NALP, "Landscape Design Empire" is "an immersive virtual and interactive learning experience while [players] design, install, and maintain landscapes."

"Landscape Design Empire" allows players to create landscapes for clients, share landscape designs with their friends, gain in-game recognition, maintain their landscapes, unlock new skills, and college and use landscape tools. The gamification of the profession aims to help "young players develop a foundational understanding of managed landscapes that may inspire environmental stewardship and foster a curiosity about landscape careers." Foundation President Chris Joyce stated that "it's crucial to adapt new mediums to reach and educate younger demographics. Landscape Design Empire represents a creative approach to fostering an interest in landscaping from an early age."
Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system where users can play and program user-created games that are free to play or can be purchased with an in-platform virtual currency. Developing a game, or "experience," on Roblox is free and does not require a license. These experiences reach 70.2 million users daily and over 216 million users monthly on most major platforms. Roblox also gives industry brands the opportunity to include their equipment in the experience.
Now that the NALP has developed a program for the landscape industry, the path has been paved for other industries to do the same.,we%20are%20covering%20it%20all