NAHB Comments on State of the Union03-20-24 | Association News

NAHB Comments on State of the Union

National Association of Home Builders Responds to Calls for Increased Affordable Housing Supply
by Staff

The NAHB provided comments on the President's State of the Union, commending the focusing on housing affordability.

Following President Biden's State of the Union address, Carl Harris, chairman of the National As-sociation of Home Builders (NAHB), issued a statement commending the President's recognition of the critical importance of homeownership and housing to the nation's prosperity.

Harris highlighted Biden's call to aggressively increase the supply of attainable, affordable housing by building two million more homes. With a nationwide housing shortage of approximately 1.5 million units, Harris emphasized that boosting housing supply is crucial for taming inflation and achieving price stability in both the for-sale and rental markets.

Harris outlined several key priorities, including eliminating excessive regulations, opposing costly national energy code proposals, promoting careers in the skilled trades, and alleviating permitting roadblocks.

According to Harris, "These common-sense solutions will bend the housing cost curve, reduce housing inflation and the overall inflation rate, enable builders to boost attainable housing produc-tion and put the economy on a firmer footing."