09-01-22 | News

LAF Reports on Inaugural Winner of Kenneth R. Brooks Scholarship

The LAF Shares What Isabella Shehab, First Winner of the Kenneth R. Brooks Scholarship is Doing With her Funding
by Staff

Isabella is using the scholarship from the LAF to research the mental effects of household flooding on residents.

After receiving the Kenneth R. Brooks Scholarship from the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF), Isabella Shehab has begun research on the mental health of residents that experienced home flooding. This is the first year of the Kenneth R. Brooks MLA Research Scholarship, meaning Isabella is the first recipient. She has received $5,000 dollars to help fund her current research project.


The specific place that Isabella is looking at as a part of her research is Detroit, and the specific things she is looking for are the effects of household flooding on the people that live there in addition to how those residents see green infrastructure surrounding stormwater. The goal behind the research is to improve on planning for natural disasters like flooding therefore helping residents in the future.

She explained, "The goal would be for different municipalities to pull from our findings and have the chance to work with their planning departments and landscape architects to know how to design in a way that would be most impactful for residents."


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