03-14-23 | News

Johns Hopkins University Selected for $10 Million Transportation Solution Center

New Center Focused in Environmental Preservation
by Staff

The new center for climate-focused transportation solutions at Johns Hopkins University is the 34th center throughout the country.

Johns Hopkins University has been chosen by the US Department of Transportation to lead a new University Transportation Center, with a focus on climate-smart solutions. The Center for Climate-Smart Transportation will work with a consortium of experts to research ways to mitigate climate change in the transportation sector. The USDOT has awarded $10m over five years to fund the consortium's research.

The consortium includes experts from several universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Texas Austin, the University of Utah, Morgan State University, and Din?(C) College. The Center's researchers will explore alternative fuels, net-zero emissions policies, and ways to advance other net-zero emissions policies such as reducing per-capita vehicle miles traveled and promoting transit investment. Community-centered research will be the focal point of all programs and activities at the Center for Climate-Smart Transportation.

Shima Hamidi, Bloomberg assistant professor of American Health in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, will be the principal investigator and director of the Center for Climate-Smart Transportation. Hamidi notes that without comprehensive mitigation and resiliency strategies implemented at all levels of government, greenhouse gas emissions from transportation will only increase in the next two decades.

The USDOT's University Transportation Centers have served as the agency's research arm since 1988, informing transportation policy and practice at the local, state, and federal level. This year's grants are funded through the Biden administration's infrastructure package through 2026.


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