Irrigation Association Concerned Over CA Water Regulations11-16-23 | Association News

Irrigation Association Concerned Over CA Water Regulations

Proposed Landscape Efficiency Factor Standards Face Criticism for Financial Burdens
by Staff

The Irrigation Association voices worries over California's water conservation proposals, citing financial challenges and the need for precision.

The Irrigation Association (IA) recently submitted comments to the California State Water Resources Control Board regarding its proposed regulatory framework, titled "Making Conservation a California Way of Life."

The report highlights the IA's issues with the proposed Landscape Efficiency Factor standards, emphasizing the financial burdens and practical challenges associated with achieving their targets. The letter also suggests that California is making an assumption about effective precipitation in the state's water budget. They suggest that relying on historical averages is not accurate and, therefore, they advocate for the use of real-time data provided by smart irrigation controllers.

Nathan Bowen, Vice President of Advocacy and Public Affairs at the Irrigation Association, states, "Available technology such as smart irrigation controllers and on-site sensors, which adjust to real-time data, offer a more precise solution than assuming effective precipitation based on historical averages that don't reflect current or microclimate conditions."

Additionally, the association expressed concerns about the potential costs and regulatory burdens of the proposal, particularly the impact on economically disadvantaged communities. They urge for equitable access to reclaimed water and the upgrading of irrigation systems.