Housing Associations Concerned Over Anti-Housing Regulations 03-12-24 | Legislation

Housing Associations Concerned Over Anti-Housing Regulations

Coalition's Letter to White House Calls for Policy Considerations to Address Housing Affordability Challenges
by Staff

Housing associations advocate for solutions to housing affordability in a letter to President Biden.

A coalition of national housing associations recently sent a letter to President Biden, emphasizing the critical need for collaborative efforts to tackle America's housing availability and affordability challenges. The letter responds to the White House's recent Fact Sheets, which are said to propose additional federal regulations, despite the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) concerns of "what is already an overly complication set of regulations and housing provider-resident laws at the state and local levels that will disincentivize investors, further exacerbate the supply shortage and ultimately hurt our nation's renters."
In the letter, the coalition underscores the importance of increasing housing supply to address affordability. They expressed apprehension regarding certain proposed policies, particularly those that could hinder housing supply and further affordability challenges. They caution against additional federal regulations that may deter housing providers, investors, and further constrain supply.
The coalition also advocates for a nuanced understanding of rental housing fees, stressing the unique utility and function of such fees within the housing market. Additionally, they voiced concerns about proposals to ban broadband bulk billing arrangements and underscore the importance of preserving manufactured housing communities.
The letter was signed by the following associations:

CCIM Institute
Council for Affordable and Rural Housing
Institute of Real Estate Management
Manufactured Housing Institute
Mortgage Bankers Association
National Apartment Association
National Association of Home Builders
National Association of REALTORS®
National Leased Housing Association
National Multifamily Housing Council