Hawkins Landscape Architecture Year-in-Review02-08-24 | Feature

Hawkins Landscape Architecture Year-in-Review

LASN 2023 Yearbook
by Lori Hawkins, RLA, ASLA

Lori Hawkins, RLA, ASLA is a passionate and visionary landscape architect whose creative endeavors have transformed outdoor spaces for more than 30 years. With a keen eye for design, she has breathed life into residential developments, commercial centers, private gardens, and public buildings. HawkinsLA creates vibrant and sustainable environments that harmonize with nature. Her recent projects have redefined the art of outdoor living, blending functionality and aesthetics to bring communities closer to the great outdoors.

Here are some notable projects from 2023.
Residential - Residential projects are the mainstay of most of HawkinsLA's work. She continues to use her expertise in the creation of unique outdoor spaces that cater to the unique preferences and lifestyles of her clients. Let's look at a few outstanding projects from 2023.
1. Piedmont Triad Residential Projects- 2023 continues to be a stellar year for HawkinsLA. These timeless projects showcase the breadth of her design knowledge and the landscaping styles and classical design sense of the time.
2. Arthur Rutenberg Homes- Lori continues her long-standing relationship with Arthur Rutenberg Homes out of Raleigh. They are true craftsmen, and her firm has been preparing landscape plans for their gorgeous homes since 2018.
Land Development - A new addition to the body of work for HawkinsLA is in land development. Using 3D technology, land developers can provide their investors and potential buyers with 3D realistic renderings and tours of their project sites.
1. Mills River Fire and Rescue- This project is quite innovative for a public building. The Fire and Rescue team wanted an outstanding and beautiful, but innovative landscape to accentuate the gorgeous architecture of the building. The result speaks for itself. Project installed by TPS landscaping.
As 2024 approaches, HawkinsLA is looking forward to continuing the tradition of classic design and beautiful materials and spaces for her customers. You can follow her work @3Dlandscapearchitect on Instagram or on her website