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Landscape Architect Articles
Growing Towards "Agrihoods"02-06-24 | News

Growing Towards "Agrihoods"

"Agrihoods" a Compelling Direction for MPCs
by Staff

"Agrihoods" offer an abundant opportunity for master planning communities.

Due to land becoming less available and more expensive, some master planned communities (MPCs) have shifted away from the traditional developments of golf courses, pools, or sports courts for their neighborhoods. Rather, they are using land to plant rows of vegetables and fruit trees to create an agrihood. The Urban Land Institute (ULI) defines agrihoods as "single-family, multifamily, or mixed-use communities built with a working farm or community garden as a focus." These agrihoods both create more opportunities for community connection and satisfy the consumer desire for health and wellness.


While agrihoods can take on a variety of forms, they notably move beyond the concept of a community garden. Instead, they function as a working farm that can produce food for the surrounding community.

A 2018 study by ULI showed that some jurisdictions award faster zoning approvals and entitlements for agrihoods, helping to reduce project costs. According to Ed McMahon, a senior fellow of sustainable development at ULI, there are an estimated 200 agrihoods in the US, across at least 30 states. While still a relatively novel concept, agrihoods are an effective differentiator for MPCs looking to interest home buyers.



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