Greenfields Q and A with the Experts09-07-23 | Feature

Greenfields Q and A with the Experts

A Conversation with Allison Abel, Director of Marketing
by Staff

When looking at amenities in parks, what demographics tend to be less engaged?

Parks are great places for the community to come together, but some demographics have more activities geared to them than others. Playgrounds, for instance, are ideal for younger kids, but what happens when they grow into teens and tweens? What activities can we offer moms and other caregivers while their kids are enjoying the playground? Another potentially overlooked group is seniors. Other than trails, there are seldom any amenities in parks that they tend to use. Finally, those with mobility impairments should be considered as well. What if there was more to keep these demographics engaged and having fun while staying healthy?

What can be added to parks to capture the interest of older kids?


The X-Treme Ninja Courses rise to the challenge of capturing the interest of teenagers. These obstacle-like courses allow for older kids to emulate the feats of athletes on the popular TV show that inspired the courses. Though teens have outgrown the traditional playground, the X-Treme Ninja Courses are like a playground of sorts that allows for young adults to combine fitness and fun in the sun. These courses spark competition and provide an opportunity for friends to race through the challenges together.

What can be added to parks for moms?

For moms or other caregivers watching kids at the park, a stationary situation can be elevated by adding outdoor fitness equipment next to the playground. Moms can then get a workout in while the kids run around and play - allowing the whole family to be active together. The zero-recoil design of Greenfields' Professional Series makes it a great choice for areas next to playgrounds. Most Professional Series units feature 16 levels of resistance, so moms can choose the intensity at which they want to exercise.

What can be added to parks for seniors and those with mobility impairments?

For seniors, outdoor fitness equipment with body-weight leverage resistance is especially appealing, helping motivate this demographic to get active. These machines are low-impact and intuitive to use, so anyone can enjoy exercising in the fresh air. This equipment works well along a walking path, allowing seniors to get some cardio in along with resistance training. Body-weight leverage resistance machines also work well in a cluster in one easily accessible location. For added impact, wheelchair accessible units can be added, making sure that any individuals with mobility impairments can exercise alongside their family and friends.

What are some best practices for implementation?

There are a few principles to follow for the execution of an outstanding outdoor gym. The first is to use multiple product lines. Mix and match Functional Fitness equipment with body-weight leverage resistance or the Professional Series with adjustable resistance. This ensures that there is something for everyone - making the fitness zone multigenerational and inclusive. Second, it's always a good idea to add shade. Shade provides relief from the sunshine and allows park users to exercise in a cool environment. Third, site amenities can elevate a fitness zone. Whether it's a bike rack, bench or trash receptacle, these amenities pull an outdoor gym together.