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Golden Oak Park, San Jose, California

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Golden Oak Park is part of the multi-phase residential Urban Oaks project located in San Jose. The public park is uniquely driven by the biomimicry theme with interconnected yet distinct realms. The concept for Golden Oak Park overlays ideas found in nature through biomimicry and blends them with inspiration borrowed from the natural California landscape. A central, and reoccurring design form is the hexagon, which represents the structure of the Carbon molecule. This particular molecule has been chosen for its importance and inspiring structure; For without Carbon, life on earth would not be possible. The hexagon form and Carbon inspiration can be found throughout the park on several scales and formats.

The center of the park features a specimen native Oak tree surrounded by an interpretation the different micro-climates and environments that trees create as they mature. The active areas of the understory, the whimsical and playful nature within the canopy and the passive and calming serenity found above the canopy. Through these inspirations the park offers plenty of amenities and features.


Some of the amenities include playgrounds, circuit training stations, TRX and multi trainers for strength training, gathering and dining plazas, corn hole gaming area, a social gathering circle and a large raised open lawn supporting passive or active uses. Brilliant colors and bold organic forms are presented by natural and custom elements that tie the park together to celebrate the role carbon plays in making life on earth possible.

The upcoming Parks Issue of Landscape Architect and Specifier News saw many firms submit their projects for feature consideration. This project was not chosen for a Feature in the issue, but we at thought the project deserved to be showcased online . . .

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