06-13-22 | News

Georgia City Invests in Smart Infrastructure

Peachtown Corners is implementing data collection technology to test mobility technology
by Staff

Fiber internet connection is usually expensive, but with new micro-trenching installation techniques the price is severely reduced.

Georgia city Peachtree Corners has announced that they will partner with ACiiST, a software developer, to turn a half-mile area of road into a mini smart city. The agreement specifies that a collection of street cameras and sensors will be connected through high-speed networking to collect vehicle and passerby data. The data collected will be used to better design roads and sidewalks to make traffic safer. Since the cameras are collecting data that can be looked at in real time, it is very easy to see when there are issues in the system and fix them quickly. The actual technology is installed on streetlights and has especially fast network speed due to the fiber connecting the poles. This fiber was installed by a landscape company with a new technique called micro-trenching which is much cheaper than fiber installation usually costs.



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