09-12-22 | News

Forest Service Chief Reports 90 Day Prescribed Fire Review

The Forest Service Will Release the Review of the Prescribed Fire Program and Resume Operations
by Staff

The process of review includes using historical data for controlled burns but also looking ahead at potentially unforeseen complications.

The Forest Service Chief, Randy Moore, has stated that the Forest Service has taken a 90-day break from controlled burns to increase the safety and effectiveness of its prescribed fire program. Due to extreme conditions around the United States, things like drought, natural wildfires, and even things like flooding, Moore explained that there needed to be a comprehensive look into the criteria and process of controlled burns.


Now that the 90-day break is over, Moore has stated that the prescribed fire program will be resuming while making use of modern science and other details related to monitoring burns in real time. Moore went into detail on his choice, "The decision also reflected the growing recognition that extreme conditions of overgrown forests, climate change, a growing number of homes in the wildland-urban interface and more than a century of rigorous fire suppression are influencing fire behavior in ways we had never seen before."


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