07-07-20 | News

Federal Highway Administration Will Grant $60 Million Toward Transportation Innovation

ATCMTD Program has Awarded $206 Million to Transportation Advancements

The Advanced Transportation Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Program has put hundreds of millions of dollars into projects across the country that have made innovative advancements in highways, roads, and other transportation mediums.

The FAST Act will be expiring in September, leading to much deliberation over a new infrastructure bill to take its place. While the amount of mutual agreement has been increasing at a relatively slow pace, there is universal opposition for extending the Fast Act. One of the successful aspects of the current legislature is the inclusion of the Advanced Transportation and Congestion Management Technologies Deployment Program (ATCMTD).

ATCMTD is designed to provide funding for organizations to make technological advancements for the improvement of the United States transportation system. Over the five-year existence of the FAST Act, $206 million went through ATCMTD to provide financial backing to projects in 23 states.

The Federal Highway Administration decided to publish a Notice of Funding Opportunity of $60 million that goes towards ATCMTD opportunities. In their notice they explained, "The program provides funding to help develop model deployment sites for the large-scale installation and operation of advanced technologies that improve safety, efficiency, and system performance."

The organization went on to describe the Contra Costa Transportation Authority's Bay Area Mobility-On-Demand Project that integrated innovation to reduce traffic congestion on highways. Additionally, they cited the Florida Department of Transportation's ability to incorporate data systems to provide travelers with analytic based information and the Texas Department of Transportation's I-10 Corridor Coalition Truck Parking Availability System as testaments to the program's success.

Nancy Singer of the Federal Highway Administration was contacted to provide further insight into the program but was not immediately available.

The Federal Highway Administration has granted money through this program before. As recently as mid-June, the organization awarded $43 million to ten different projects.

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