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Landscape Architect Articles
David Volz Design Landscape Architects, Inc. Year-In-Review02-09-24 | Feature

David Volz Design Landscape Architects, Inc. Year-In-Review

LASN 2023 Yearbook
by Allie Stafford, Administration

Year in Review Park Openings
David Volz Design has marked a significant year with the opening of three exceptional parks, each bearing its unique appeal and contributing to their respective communities. Garvey Dog Park in Rosemead opened in January, is a testament to their commitment to creating spaces that cater to diverse needs. In May, Wolfson Park in Rancho Mirage has seen an expansion, with both its facilities and parking lot receiving upgrades. What makes this park truly special is its historical significance and its connection to local trails. It serves as a bridge between the community's past and its natural beauty, making it an important asset for both residents and history enthusiasts.
In early October, Santiago Park made its debut, promising a myriad of recreational opportunities. The park boasts an array of play features for children, inviting trails for nature lovers, and an amphitheater set to host a variety of city programs. The next phase of Santiago Park will focus on the restoration of trails and the preservation of native habitat. This forward-looking approach ensures that the park will remain a cherished and evolving part of Orange County, offering something great for years to come.

David Volz Design has made significant strides in enhancing its outreach process through the effective integration of technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In a notable collaboration with the City of Huntington Beach, the firm has demonstrated a commitment to engaging with the community in innovative ways. By leveraging technology, they have streamlined their outreach efforts and ensured that community members have a voice in the design and development of local parks.
One of the standout features of this approach is the utilization of fliers, interactive project websites, QR codes, and online surveys. These tools have proven invaluable in reaching out to community members and involving them in the decision-making process.

The impact of these efforts is tangible. With over 400 responses received for one park project, it is evident that the use of technology has effectively mobilized community engagement. These responses provide valuable insights and preferences but also help drive the park's design, ensuring that it reflects the needs and desires of the local population. David Volz Design's commitment to these innovative approaches fosters a stronger sense of community involvement but also ensures that every voice is heard, ultimately resulting in better-designed, more inclusive public spaces. This forward-thinking approach exemplifies their dedication to creating environments that truly serve and resonate with the communities they serve.

by Allison Spicer, Marketing Director

Year In Review October 2023
In 2023, EPTDESIGN celebrated a year marked by remarkable achievements and sustained growth. Notably, Principal Nord Eriksson achieved a prestigious milestone, being elevated to the Council of Fellows of the ASLA, a testament to his exceptional contributions to the field.
The year witnessed significant changes in office locations, with our Claremont studio making a transition to a new, spacious location, allowing for the studio's continued development.
EPTDESIGN fostered a strong sense of community and collaboration within the company through a series of three cross-office events. These gatherings not only brought our staff together but also provided valuable opportunities to visit project sites and showcase our ongoing work.
Acknowledging our dedication to design excellence and our positive impact on the community, we proudly received two Quality of Life Awards from the Southern California Chapter of the ASLA. This recognition underscores the meaningful influence that EPTDESIGN has on the environments we touch.
Furthermore, 2023 saw the successful completion of several exciting projects, including the new Visitor Plaza at the Los Angeles Arboretum, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, and aquatic complex at Mt. San Antonio College, Simone Little Italy in San Diego - our first tower project to be completed in that city.
One of the year's highlights was EPTDESIGN's invitation by The Cultural Landscape Foundation to host a Garden Dialogue for the Eucalyptus Hill project. This event served as a platform to showcase our firm's expertise.

Firm Leadership
Nord Eriksson, FASLA, Principal
Stephen Carroll, ASLA, LEED AP, Principal
Steve Burkel, ASLA, Principal
Matt Lysne, ASLA, Principal & Technical Director
Scott Horsley, ASLA, Managing Principal


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