06-17-22 | Association News

CORE Electric Landscape Equipment Meeting Calls for Landscape Professionals

On June 22 at 4 PM, CORE will host a Zoom meeting to help decide how to spend funding
by Staff

The meeting will be a workgroup that allows input from landscape professionals to help decide what funding should be spent on.

On June 22 from 4 PM to 6 PM the Clean Off-Road Equipment program staff will host a public Zoom workgroup. This is to allow landscape professionals to see their ideas regarding the transition to electric landscape equipment. The CORE program was entrusted with $30 million for small businesses and sole proprietors to help them purchase zero-emission landscaping equipment. The meeting is public and designed to allow landscape professionals to ask any questions they have as well as provide opinions on how to best spend this money using experiential knowledge from attending landscape professionals. A link to the complete webinar will be posted after it concludes.



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