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Firms of Florida and Alabama

Landscape Architectural Firms

With the ASLA annual meeting and EXPO this year in Nashville, "The Music City," LASN salutes the landscape architectural work of firms of that enchanting city and county, and throughout the state of Tennessee. This issue will be distributed from the show floor at the LASN booth (# 2029). Participating firms are invited to drop by the booth to pick up extra copies of the magazine.


LASN asked the firms to send us a short biographical profile, plus photography from selected projects, with a brief description of the design work for each project. We let the firms speak for themselves in their profiles and in describing the projects, although some editing was required because of space restraints.

We selected the images we thought best represented each project. As there was not enough room to show all the photography submitted by each of the firms in the profiles, LASN has made those available at Simply search for a firm's name to view all their submitted photography for the selected projects.

Thank you, firms of Tennessee for participating!<;/a>

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