CLARB Announces Changes to L.A.R.E. Blueprint05-16-23 | Association News

CLARB Announces Changes to L.A.R.E. Blueprint

Effective December 2023
by Staff

The Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB) promotes professional licensure standards through licensure boards and education. Recently, CLARB held a Job/Task Analysis to determine the most common and critical practices of a Landscape Architect to influence changes to the Landscape Architect Registration Exam (LARE).

Earlier this year, CLARB conducted a Job/Task Analysis (JTA), a scientific study of the profession that ensures that the content of the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (LARE) remains legally defensible and relevant, to determine the tasks that are most often performed are the most important at the initial point of licensure.

The JTA, which involved over 3,500 experts across North America participating in a six-month job task analysis with two focus groups meeting with a different group of Landscape Architects, was concluded with a large-scale survey. Of those surveyed, 85.64% were a licensed or registered landscape architect while 13.13% were not but are currently pursuing a license and 1.23% were not licensed or a registered landscape architect. Respondents were asked to rate the frequency and criticality of common tasks of Landscape Architects to help influence the direction of the LARE blueprint.

They found that the tasks with the three highest frequency scores were refining design elements, producing a planting plan, and identifying physical opportunities and constraints. Meanwhile, the tasks that rated as the most critical were demonstrating an understanding of legal liabilities, adhering to accessibility standards, and complying with code requirements.


Based on this information, CLARB began reconstruction of the LARE. They then hosted a webinar in February to review the changes while the new LARE blueprint will be effective December of this year. Key changes include all sections utilize advanced item types, comparable in cost and length, and feedback by sub-domain.

The new LARE blueprint will include the following four sections:
• Inventory, Analysis, and Project Management
• Planning and Design
• Construction Documentation and Administration
• Grading, Drainage, and Stormwater Management

LASN reached out to CLARB for comment about this survey and subsequent LARE update but did not hear back at time of publication.

Full results from the JTA can be read here: