09-01-23 | News

California Allocates $757 Million for Affordable Housing and Clean Transportation

Investment Designed to Create Affordable Housing and Sustainable Transportation
by Staff

California's $757 million investment is aimed at supporting affordable housing and zero-emissions transportation.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development in conjunction with the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC) have announced a substantial investment of $757 million aimed at promoting the construction of affordable housing and fostering cleaner transportation options. This strategic initiative will result in the creation of more than 2,500 affordable homes, introduce 150 new zero-emissions buses, and develop over 50 miles of fresh bikeways across various communities in the state.

The funding, allocated through the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Program, aligns with the state's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and benefiting public health and the environment. By enhancing transit and sustainable housing options, this initiative seeks to create walkable neighborhoods with accessibility to jobs, public transport, green spaces, and community resources. These projects are predicted to collectively reduce a staggering 800,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

California Governor Newsom emphasized the significance of these investments in light of the state's evolving urban landscape and commitment to environmental sustainability. "California is reimagining communities around the state to address the ways our cities are changing - adapting to climate change and addressing housing scarcity," stated the Governor. "These investments will help cut carbon pollution and build more affordable housing as we look forward to a clean energy future."

The investment, which includes partnerships with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB), is part of the broader California Climate Investments initiative.


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