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Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals

2022 Events
by Michelle Keyser

A standout area design from the AOLP 2022 Awards Best in Show winner Anthony Bogdanovich and his project called GLOW.
Another highlight from GLOW is this Gazebo, featuring a sign of the name of the project.

The Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP) is an international trade association representing the interests of outdoor lighting professionals. The mission of the organization is to establish standards, educate industry professionals and increase awareness of the outdoor lighting industry.

This year, AOLP named Anthony Bogdanovich with California Outdoor Lighting the 2022 Best of Show winner in its annual Outdoor Lighting Awards program. Bogdanovich's holiday lighting project, GLOW, was located in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California. It was built to be an experience, featuring music that fit each lighting display. With over 2,400 static and color changing fixtures and 14 lumen projectors installed, Bogdanovich produced a wow factor that attracted tens of thousands of visitors. One highlight of GLOW, was the "Bubble Lane" that included nearly 100 color changing acrylic spheres and lights projected on falling water.
Individuals can prove their expertise in the industry by getting certified through AOLP. The association offers two certifications: The Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician (CLVLT) and the Certified Outdoor Lighting Designers (COLD). The CLVLT exam and the COLD course are offered annually at Illuminate, AOLP's Conference and Expo. Illuminate '23 is scheduled to be held in February in Clearwater Beach, Florida.
AOLP is proud to work with industry partners to educate outdoor lighting professionals. In October, it offered two education sessions at the 2022 Equip Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. They were "Plug in Outdoor Lighting to Your Business Offerings" and "Hardscapes and Lighting - A Perfect Match." The association also continues its long-time partnership with the Irrigation Association by offering its CLVLT exam at the Irrigation Show in December in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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