ASLA Urges Continued Investment in Nature-Based Solutions03-18-24 | Association News

ASLA Urges Continued Investment in Nature-Based Solutions

Association Calls Gives Statement Following State of the Union Address
by Staff

In a letter to the President, the ASLA advocated for increased investment in nature-based infrastructure solutions.

Following President Biden's State of the Union address, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) emphasized the critical importance of continued investment in nature-based infrastructure solutions. In a statement by CEO Torey Carter-Conneen, ASLA highlights the role of landscape architects in addressing climate, biodiversity, and infrastructure challenges simultaneously.

Carter-Conneen cites examples like The Solar Strand at the University at Buffalo and the New Orleans Reforestation Program as innovative projects that effectively tackle climate, biodiversity, and infrastructure development. They also underscored their growing concern of water infrastructure investment in addressing various environmental challenges across the nation.
Their statement urges the administration to prioritize conservation and nature-based programs in its forthcoming budget priorities, emphasizing their effectiveness in addressing climate change, biodiversity loss, and equity issues.
Their statement connects with a letter the association wrote to the White House regarding budget recommendations. In the letter, the ASLA outlines funding recommendations for nature-based solutions, water management, national parks, active transportation, and community development.
They specifically advocated for a minimum of $25 billion in federal agency funding to promote nature-based solutions and at least $1.4 billion for state wildlife agencies to implement conservation efforts. The organization also urges increased funding for climate resilience projects, equity initiatives, water management, and national parks and public lands.