06-30-21 | News

ASLA Releases Letter Urging the White House to Add a Landscape Architect to Commission on Fine Arts

CFA Has a Deep 111 History with Only 8 Years Without a Landscape Architect

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) released a letter to the Biden Administration requesting that landscape architects be added back on to the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA).


The CFA is an independent federal agency that offers the government advice on design of public spaces and how they affect the federal government and the integrity of the capitol.

"When it comes to planning for public spaces, monuments, climate change, and even security, these are all within the purview of landscape architects, and have been since the field was first established in the 19th century," explained Torey Carter-Conneen, CEO of ASLA.

The commission which is comprised of seven commissioners includes five architects none of which with a landscape architecture background.


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