06-15-20 | Association News

ASLA Medal Design Contest for New Honor

Emerging Professionals Medal

The winning design will be based on relevance, originality and aesthetic quality. Pictured is the ASLA Medal.

The American Society of Landscape Architects has announced they will be holding a contest for the design of the new Emerging Professionals Honor medal.

The new category was introduced by the ASLA earlier this year which now makes up a total of nine honors awarded annually by the association.

Recognizing leaders who are early in their career, the honor will be awarded to an individual who has shown exceptional leadership and contribution to the profession, their community and/or firm or design team. The ASLA defines an "emerging professional" to be within 10 years of their career and has obtained a recognized landscape architecture program degree.

To participate in the Emerging Professionals Medal Design Contest, participants must meet eligibility rules. Design entries will be reviewed by a committee of two landscape architects and one emerging professional. The contest winner may choose one of the following prizes:
• One year of post-graduate membership to ASLA
• One round-trip ticket to the 2020 ASLA Conference in Miami
• One full registration for the 2020 ASLA Conference
• Two tickets to the Fellow's Dinner (includes tuxedo or gown rental)

The winning design is also said to have a long-lasting impact within the association and expected to be used for the foreseeable future.

Contest deadline is Friday, July 10 at 6pm ET.

Full contest rules and how to enter:

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