ASLA Ignores McCauley's PLA Status06-04-24 | Association News

ASLA Ignores McCauley's PLA Status

One Week Left For Elections
by Staff

On the main elections page, the ASLA has omitted Bradley McCauley's PLA status.

It is the last week of elections for the ASLA. On the main page for all election information, the ASLA Administration has unfortunately decided not to acknowledge President-Elect Candidate McCauley's status as a PLA. This is despite the fact that the ASLA Executive Committee recommends including the PLA designation in the string of credentials for a candidate. While subtle, this seems like an attempt to minimize McCauley's accomplishments, even though he has just been named to the highest honor in the profession as part of ASLA's 2024 Class of Fellows.
Similarly, various ASLA members have notified us that any conversation surrounding Lukenda's nonexistent status as a Landscape Architect has been assertively squashed. Combined with the lack of recognition for McCauley's PLA status, it seems as if the ASLA is trying to hide the fact that one candidate is not a Landscape Architect by conversely omitting the rightful PLA status of the other candidate.

Before voting during the last week of elections, Landscape Architects must consider the way the ASLA has chosen to publicly support or ignore the accomplishments of each candidate. Perhaps the ASLA's treatment of McCauley's accomplishments is a harbinger of the lack of importance the ASLA will place on licensure moving forward.
All full, associate, student, and international members in good professional standing are eligible to vote until Friday, June 7. Individuals who meet these criteria will receive a paper and/or email ballot.

McCauley and Lukenda both received numerous attempts from LASN to discuss their candidacy and positions, but they failed to respond.
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