04-24-20 | Association News

ASLA Federal and State Legislative Priorities Survey Amid COVID-19

Biennial Survey Deadline May 15

ASLA is asking for the participation of all chapter members, landscape architects, colleagues and friends to help with their mission of advocacy within the landscape industry.

The Washington Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects sent out a reminder that the Federal and State Legislative Priorities Survey will be conducted to determine important policy issues for 2021-2022. The 10-question survey helps decide ASLA's federal legislative agenda and the chapters' state advocacy activities. The survey is to be completed by Friday, May 15.

Current federal priorities are transportation planning and design, stormwater management, community and national parks and planning for climate change and resilience, with each priority focusing on equity and environmental justice.

Some of ASLA's past legislative and advocacy successes are:

The Residential Energy and Economic Savings (TREES) Act

The Living Shorelines Act

The Land and Water Conservation Fund

The Water Infrastructure Improvement Act

According to ASLA, government affairs has also taken action to oppose regulations that aim to rollback "our bedrock" environmental protection regulations, to oppose standardized design guidelines, and to urge global leaders to make green infrastructure and nature-based solutions a priority in addressing the climate crisis.

As for state advocacy achievements, ASLA government affairs and chapters have protected the regulation and licensure of landscape architecture, and held successful advocacy summits and Site Tours.

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