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ASLA Elections - Last Day To Vote!

2025-26 President-Elect
by Staff

ASLA Presidential Elections close today, allowing ASLA members to choose between Bradley McCauley, PLA, (F)ASLA and Jeanne Lukenda, FASLA, two ASLA Fellows of whom only one appears to be a licensed Landscape Architect.

Today is the last day of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) 2024 elections. Bradley McCauley, PLA, ASLA and Jeanne Lukenda, FASLA are the two candidates running for ASLA president-elect for the 2025-2026 term. LASN has reviewed the professional backgrounds and qualifications for both candidates and condensed the findings into candidate profiles.

McCauley's profile is outlined in the first link below, including his biography and major themes, positions, and statements. ASLA's original press release for McCauley can also be found at the bottom of that page. Lukenda's profile is outlined in the second the link below, also including her biography and major themes, positions, and statements.

All full, associate, student, and international members in good professional standing are eligible to vote. Individuals who meet these criteria will receive a paper and/or email ballot.

McCauley and Lukenda both received numerous attempts from LASN to discuss their candidacy and positions, but they failed to respond.
To see McCauley's profile, click here:
To see Lukenda's profile, click here: