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ASLA California, San Diego Chapter

Year In Review
by Staff

New members to the San Diego ASLA Chapter Executive Committee.

President's Message
Dear Friends, my journey as 2022 President of this fine Chapter is coming to its end. Next year's President will be Marty Armstrong, Senior Associate with GroundLevel Landscape Architecture, and will be supported by Jackie Higgins with Forever Balboa Park, as President Elect. As I move on to be part of an elite group of Past Presidents, I will continue to support the work of this Chapter with enthusiasm and dedication. My experience so far has been demanding but extremely rewarding. Before joining the Board, I had the desire to help in some capacity, but I felt I didn't have the time to do it due to my busy schedule and job responsibilities. "How can I possibly do all of this well?" I thought. Kelly Broughton encouraged me, and I accepted the opportunity. I started my journey with my eyes closed, not knowing what I would find or how I could help. As I dove into things, I learned about the strategic goals and how the Chapter is meeting these goals to support you, our profession, and our communities.
I have had meaningful moments getting to know you, the Board members, and Committee Chairs. I have formed long-lasting friendships, collaborated with, learned from great leaders, and been inspired by talented designing teams. I understood that the Chapter greatly depends on the generosity and commitment of our sponsors, and that we need to support them as they support us. This experience has enriched my life and it has been worthwhile. We started 2022 with a busy agenda and a list of goals. Together, we have advocated for our profession, we have celebrated the design of Landscape Architects and designing teams and continue to educate the public about the importance of Landscape Architecture. This is what the Chapter has accomplished so far this year with YOUR help: joined the Drew Schlosberg's podcast "Spotlight on the Community", increased media exposure by publishing interesting and informative articles about our Landscape Architecture projects, increased social media exposure and hosted an Instagram Takeover.
Yet to be done this year: launching a member survey to know what you value in your membership and how we can improve member educational and social opportunities, promoting and supporting the Black Landscape Architects Network (BlackLAN) Day of Service at the Community Awareness Resource Entity (C.A.R.E.) Garden in San Francisco, and getting together for a fun December Holiday event to thank volunteers and sponsors and reconnect with each other. Please, friends, volunteer and be part of the solution. There is so much to be done. We are looking for members to fill positions so let us know if you would like to help either on a committee or on the Board of Directors. Please contact Tracy Morgan-Hollingworth at" onclick="''); return false;)" target="_blank"> to confirm your interest. The Chapter needs your help, talent, and energy to make a difference and to share the positive impact that Landscape Architects have in the world.
Patricia Ferm????n, RLA SDASLA President

ASLA To Assist Municipalities and Residents Meet Water
Conservation Goals
Landscape Architects Provide Tools for Water Conservation
Members of the San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) are offering to provide tools to municipalities, homeowners and small businesses to help them find water conservation savings this summer and year-round through position papers they have online ( that explain the best practices that can help residents reduce their landscape water use, preserve trees and adopt climate positive practices to help reduce heat by making small changes to their landscape planning.
The San Diego Chapter of ASLA recognizes that potable water is in finite supply, water conservation is a regional, as well as a global issue, and that our region relies heavily on imported water.

San Diego ASLA encourages a regional approach to water conservation through the design/retrofit, specification, installation and maintenance of highly efficient irrigation systems that utilize state-of-the-art irrigation technology, the use of automatically adjusting weather or soil moisture sensing "smart controllers," and by utilizing regionally appropriate landscape plant species and inert groundcovers/mulches.
San Diego ASLA also encourages the creation of landscapes that have zero irrigation runoff, the use of recycled or rain harvested water, and the recharging of groundwater as a means to conserve finite potable water resources and reduce the demand for imported water.

Landscape Water Conservations Strategies
Conserve 20% - 40% of irrigation water annually by using a "smart" irrigation controller (automatically adjusts run times based on actual weather or soil moisture conditions). (Source: Irrigation Association).
Conserve by using high irrigation efficiency application methods and proper pressure regulation (i.e., high efficiency verses spray irrigation).
Conserve by using low water use plant species.
Conserve by using warm season turf instead of cool season turf.
Conserve through proper hydro zoning. (Separation of irrigation zones, stations, and run times according to areas of the landscape with similar water needs based on plant species water requirements, slope/aspect, soil conditions, exposure (sun/shade), wind, or other microclimate factors.)
Conserve by applying a 2"-3" layer of mulch.
Conserve by using areas of non-irrigated inert groundcovers/ mulches.
Conserve by testing soils and designing, amending the soil, and setting the controller (i.e., cycle/soak) accordingly.
Conserve through proper design of irrigation systems.
Conserve through proper maintenance of irrigation systems.
Conserve by irrigating during hours with the least evaporation (evening or early morning).
The San Diego Chapter of ASLA will be partnering with other industries and agencies including the CA Landscape Contractors Association, the Irrigation Association, American Planning Association, Association of Public Works and the San Diego County Water Authority to provide educational tools for residents and businesses to successfully meet our water conservation goals now and into the future.

Congrats to our 2022-2023 ASLA-San Diego Chapter Leaders!
We're still looking to fill two key board positions.
Consider self-nomination for ASLA-SD:
-VP of Membership
Volunteers should contact us at to confirm your interest.
Elected leaders will be seated in November.


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