05-16-23 | Legislation

ASLA Backs EPA's Proposal for Stricter Guidelines to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

EPA Aims to Combat Climate Change and Protect the Environment
by Staff

The EPA has unveiled a proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, receiving support from ASLA in their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a new proposal aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants. The proposal, detailed in the EPA's guidelines for greenhouse gas standards, seeks to address the contribution of power plants to climate change and promote cleaner energy sources.

According to the EPA's proposal, stricter limits on carbon dioxide emissions would be implemented, encouraging power plants to adopt advanced technologies and improve overall efficiency. The objective is to reduce the release of greenhouse gases and mitigate their impact on the environment.

In response to the EPA's proposal, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) expressed its support for the initiative. The ASLA prioritizes reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable practices within the built environment.


ASLA CEO Torey Carter-Conneen said, "The American Society of Landscape Architects wholeheartedly welcomes efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution that threatens human health and well-being. All sectors of America's economy must work together and do our parts to secure a livable climate and healthy, prosperous future for all."

The EPA's proposed guidelines outline measures to encourage the adoption of cleaner energy sources and promote technological advancements. By setting stricter emissions limits and providing incentives for the implementation of sustainable practices, the proposal aims to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon energy sector.

As the proposal moves forward, the EPA will consider public comments and engage in further dialogue with stakeholders to refine and finalize the guidelines for greenhouse gas standards.
By implementing these stricter standards, the EPA and ASLA aim to change the power sector for the sake of combatting climate change.


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