06-08-22 | News

ASLA announces new Women of Color Licensure Advancement Program

ASLA reveals new equity program
by Staff

The Women of Color Licensure Advancement Program has been put in place by ASLA to increase equity for underrepresented women of color in Landscape Architecture.

Following their Racial Equity Plan of Action established in 2020, the American Society of Landscape Architects has announced a new equity program designed to help women of color become licensed Landscape Architects. The program, called the Women of Color Licensure Advancement Program, includes ten women across the United States coming from racial backgrounds that are statistically underrepresented in the field of landscape architecture.

Eugenia Martin, FASLA, the President of ASLA said, "ASLA is committed to achieving a diverse profession which is welcoming and accessible to all. We are proud to take this first step to lift up women of color in our landscape architect community, by providing them with the support network they need to achieve licensure." $3,500 dollars will be provided to each of the women to cover the costs of the Landscape Architectural Registration Exam as well as to help with preparation for the LARE.


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