01-05-21 | Feature

ASLA Alaska Chapter

State Association Report
by Elise Huggins, FASLA, Chapter Treasurer

Alaska Chapter Zoom board meeting. Top left to right: Elise Huggins, Maeve Lavtar, Jonny Hayes, (Bottom left to right) Melisa Babb, Leah Buron, Oona Martin, and Taylor Keegan.
Our biggest news for the Alaska Chapter in 2020 included Alaska member Tamas Deak's election to ASLA National's vice president of finance as well as becoming a Fellow of the ASLA. We are extremely proud of his efforts and honored to have him as a member of our Alaska Chapter.

Like everyone, the Alaska Chapter had its plans and programs stalled or cancelled as a result of SARS-COVID-19. We started the year as jurors for the Vermont Chapter Awards, however we only got as far as developing a jury and setting up meeting times before coronavirus changed everything. We are excited to return to normal activities and someday see the wonderful work of the Vermont ASLA members. Monthly Board meetings keep the Chapter operational including reviewing and awarding a scholarship to a local student to assist in her fourth year at San Luis Obispo. Alaska Chapter president, Taylor Keegan, has kept Chapter board and members involved through Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings, announcements for CEU opportunities, and facilitating more communication via Facebook and email.


For the remainder of the year, the Chapter will be involved in Design Week with the Anchorage Museum where members are leading a session on Outdoor Classrooms. In another upcoming event, members will be setting up video versions of site tours for our local legislature which will showcase works of Alaska Landscape Architects, as part of National's effort to promote the profession.

As we move into our 2020-2021 board, we welcome a new president Melisa Babb, and will continue our efforts to engage Chapter members during the pandemic in meaningful ways. Until next year!

Note: As we do every year, LASN is proud to highlight the events and happenings of ASLA state chapters around the country.This year proved difficult for in-person events and gatherings, but we are very appreciative to have so many ASLA chapters working hard to provide for their members and communities despite the hurdles created by the coronavirus. LASN editors reached out to each chapter and requested a short profile, a chapter report plus photography from selected events (unfortunately, not all photos sent were able to be used due to size limitations). Thank you to all who participated in the annual Yearbook!


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