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Archatrak Inc., Corporate Profile

Pavers and Amenities - Landscapes to Rooftops
by Staff

Archatrak is a major supplier of porcelain pavers, Ipe deck tiles and paver support structures for both on-grade paving and elevated decks. In addition, we offer a select range of exterior furnishing and amenities for creating exceptional rooftop and landscape environments.
Our porcelain pavers are sourced both locally and overseas. Every year we add more styles, more colors and more sizes as the applications for these versatile products continue to evolve which now includes blocks, cobblestones, planks and permeable paving.
With rooftop decks and terraces, adjustable height pedestals have vastly simplified elevated deck construction. We offer a wide range of support options depending on the site requirements - all steel pedestals for non-combustible decks, screw adjustable plastic supports up to 20" or more high, stackable rubber pads for the lowest elevations and pedestal supported 4' x 8' FRP grating panels to support artificial turf and planter trays and to provide superior breakthrough protection on commercial elevated decks.

Our StreetDeck modular deck kits offer an affordable means of building self-contained streetside dining areas using pre-cut, flat packed components which includes planters, railings, adjustable supports, porcelain paver decking and ramps. Complementing these modular decks, our ArchatrakUrban range of colorful steel and aluminum caf?(C) tables and chairs, bench seats and illuminated planters brings light and color to hotels, outdoor dining, parks and recreation areas and city sidewalks.
Our solar division, Archasol, was formed primarily to meet the need for readily accessible charging outlets for mobile devices, computers, e-bikes, scooters, as well as pathway lighting for locations remote from the electricity grid. Our product range now includes solar panel equipped bench seating in various configurations, marine grade solar bollard lights, park and street lighting, cat's eye pathway lights, stand-alone sign lights and emergency phone charging poles, all with the primary focus on encouraging social interaction and enhanced public safety.

Archatrak Inc.
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