10-20-20 | Association News

APA Communications Manager Discusses Developing Young Planners

APA Foundation Awards Scholarships to Future Planners

The APA Foundation has awarded $113,000 in scholarships to planning students since 2015.

The American Planning Association (APA) announced that through the APA Foundation they awarded scholarships to seven planning students. The association distributed the grants to developing industry professionals to make planning a more accessible and attractive education path and to create greater diversity within the field.

When asked about the goals and direction of the scholarships, APA Communications Manager, Roberta Rewers described that the scholarships are designed to make the planning profession more accessible to aspiring individuals with limited means of pursuing a career in this field. Also, the scholarships allow the profession to be more representative of the communities in which their members work.

Rewers was also asked about the criteria used to select the students. She explained how the scholarship committee has four areas that are evaluated in the candidates. Those areas are the individual's personal statement and commitment to planning, academic achievement, strength of the recommendation letters, and demonstration of financial need.

The scholarship recipients are:

Charles Abrams Scholarship
Sharon Velasquez, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

APA Foundation Scholarship
Andriani Atmadja, Harvard University
Shekhar Chandra, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cecley Hill, Harvard University
Amal Muse, University of Minnesota
Whytne Stevens, Harvard University
Marius Williams, Rutgers University

In discussing the APA Foundation and the actions they take to invest in planning professionals, Rewers said, "Scholarships are the primary vehicle for the APA Foundation to help aspiring students which is complemented by the many offerings from APA. These offerings include free student memberships, including membership in up to five APA Divisions, a number of peer groups including the Student Representatives Council and Young Planner Groups, reduced pricing for education and conferences (in-person and virtual), seats on the association's Board of Directors, and a mentor/mentee match which pairs young planners with a more seasoned professional."


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