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ANP Lighting Q and A with the Experts

A Conversation with Shane Foster Regional Sales Manager Marketing
by Staff

How would you describe the mission of ANP Lighting?

Founded upon the core values of community and innovation, ANP Lighting endeavors to manufacture products with the utmost quality, design, and sustainability that are sought after by leading architects and lighting design specifiers throughout the industry.

What is a little-known fact about your manufacturing process?


ANP Lighting can deliver affordable, customized site-lighting products by crafting each piece to a customer's specifications in its own privately owned foundry. In addition, RLM fixtures can be made-to-order by creating tooling at ANP's factory in Montclair. An experienced team of architects, engineers, and designers collaborate to plot the best manufacturing process to achieve the end goals while mastering the balance between architecturally compelling and technologically advanced.

What is something you are most proud of in your company's history?

ANP Lighting began as a family-owned operation and it remains one to this day. While our business has seen growth in terms of product lines, and challenges in evolving technology, our roots have remained firm in the simple values of product excellence, customer satisfaction, and community reinvestment. Operating our own foundry with a variety of manufacturing equipment, allows each team member to experience a tangible, hands-on sense of the business as a whole and feel accomplishment for their own individual contribution to the process.

How has ANP Lighting's ability to customize its products enhanced its relationships with clients?

Not every lighting manufacturer can create custom designs for each client. But at ANP Lighting, our in-house spinning, fabrication, and foundry capabilities allow us to tool individual details per the customer's request. From large-scale projects for major hotels and theme parks to smaller, more intimate venues and experiences, our team is excited to meet each custom request with curiosity, enthusiasm, and resolve. Inspiration and innovation combine to satisfy the customer's desire, which makes us their first call for their next project. And sometimes those custom features migrate into our own product line. So, it has truly created a mutual admiration between client and manufacturer.

How heavily does the "look" of a fixture weigh in its final design?

Very heavily. ANP Lighting embodies the famous architectural axiom "form follows function." Therefore, the most important factor is the quantity and quality of light output. But the "form" or "look" is almost equally important. Consider our revolutionary SiteLine product line. There is thoughtful artistry in every piece. From the super sleek and minimalist lines to the elegant matte finishes, this ?collection offers a variety of exterior luminaires to complement modern and stylish venues. Their aesthetic combined with ANP's superior Edge-lit LED technology, the SiteLine products are some of the most powerful and beautiful luminaires we've introduced.


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