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Pet Waste Eliminator Q and A with the Experts

A Conversation with Amanda Corley, Marketing Manager
by Staff

When designing a dog park, what are the top 5 products you would suggest including to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for dogs and their owners?

My recommendations:
1. Pet Waste Stations: This is an absolute must-have. Providing conveniently placed stations with bags encourages dog owners to clean up after their pup. Each dog park should have at least 2 stations for the best results.
2. Seating and Shade: Dogs and owners may need rest and shade, especially during hot weather. Installing shaded areas with benches and trees to provide relief from the sun will make sure the park is used all year long.
3. Agility Equipment: Consider adding basic agility equipment like jumps, modular tunnels, and/or ramps for the dogs to enjoy. When choosing which obstacles, make sure to include equipment that will work for both large and small dogs.

4. Signage: Installing signage that outlines the park rules, such as leash requirements, waste cleanup policies, and any other specific regulations are vital to keeping the park safe and clean.
5. Decorative Elements: Including elements such as a fire hydrant or a photobooth can completely transform a park. The hydrant is especially important because not only is it eye-catching, but it also provides a designated spot for dogs to do their business. Adding items like the Instagram-worthy photobooth allows for photo-worthy moments that dog parents will love and make the dog park go viral.

When designing a dog park, what should you consider when choosing a pet waste station?

Since PWE has the largest selection of stations, we truly have designed a station for every need. Our most popular station has been our Lifetime Guaranteed Superior Metal Pet Waste Station. However, if you are in humid climates, I would recommend a plastic station. Inclusivity is such an important aspect, so we have ADA compliant pet stations too. If you want a more unique look, you can customize the stations to fit the park.

What new products are you most excited about?

Currently, we are working on Designer Dispenser Boxes. We are launching around 10 designs to start out with. This will be a great and easy way to "theme" a dog park to match its location. We have cartoon, landscape, modern/contemporary looks plus classic standard options. Additionally, if you can't find a design that will work for your purposes, you can design a custom one to look or say anything you would like. Honestly, with the introduction of these dispensers, there really is no limit to what you can create!

Lastly, what sets Pet Waste Eliminator apart from the competition?

What truly sets PWE miles apart from the competition is our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and value to our customers. As market leader, we take pride in offering a Lifetime Guarantee on our metal stations as well as the lowest prices. Whether that means replacing a station after a customer has had it for 10 years for free, or us constantly designing new, innovative dog park products and stations, we want every customer to find not only what they need, but what they want.


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