"AI, Critical Thinking, and Landscape Architecture" Live Webinar May 23rd05-17-24 | Education

"AI, Critical Thinking, and Landscape Architecture" Live Webinar May 23rd

Karla Saldana Ochoa, University of Florida
by Staff

Explore the ins and outs of AI in the workplace.

Karla Saldana Ochoa, University of Florida will be presenting a live and recorded session for about AI, generative algorithms, and its place in landscape architecture. This session is a must as AI is becoming more prevalent in the workplace, it will be hosted on May 23rd at 11am PDT, and you can register below for the live and OnDemand session.

Webinar Description:
The presentation will introduce an innovative AI generative framework (Text2Form3D) designed to showcase an equilibrium between AI algorithms' efficiency and human designers' critical thinking. We aim to guide AI-generated 3D designs toward achieving precise structural performance goals and capturing the qualitative features that define the architectural design process. Using this framework, we will present case studies showcasing the design of diverse architectural elements, including roofs, towers, and bridges. While AI is often likened to a problem-solving tool like a hammer or lever, this presentation will show it as an instrument akin to a pen, paper, or violin, which requires a masterful human to be used effectively, just as a violin needs a skilled musician to produce masterful music. This lecture urges a departure from traditional perspectives on AI, showcasing projects that integrate human imagination and AI's computational power.

Karla Saldana Ochoa
Karla Saldana Ochoa is a Tenured Track Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Florida, and a faculty affiliate at the AI2 Center, the Center of Latin American Studies, and FIBER, at the University of Florida. Karla is the director of SHARE Lab, a research group focused on developing projects that leverage the interaction between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human intelligence applied to boost creativity in architectural design and create tools to analyze Big Data of Urban Phenomena. Karla is an Ecuadorian architect with a Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture and a Ph.D. in Technology in Architecture from ETH Zurich. Her Ph.D. researched the integration of Artificial and Human Intelligence for an accurate and agile response to natural disasters.

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Learning Objectives:
1. Understand what Artificial Intelligence is.
2. Clear understanding of how generative AI algorithms are trained.
3. Examples on how AI has been used in Architecture and Landscape Practice.