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A Conversation with BCI Burke Company - Q&A

Featuring Sarah Lisiecki, Marketing and Communications

What does it mean for the Nucleus® Evolution™ to be the next Evolution in play?
There are two meanings to this - play moves us and the Nucleus Evolution evolves the way children play. Let's start with the first one. Play moves us by providing social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. It is how children learn, decompress, release energy and increase focus. It moves us by creating spaces where children can engage with others, develop relationships and learn about conflict resolution, taking turns and effectively communicating. These lessons transcend the playground and remain important into adulthood.

Nucleus Evolution helps bring adventure back to the playground by creating a place where children feel they can climb higher, create new vistas and see the world from a different angle. The materials used to create this collection of products is unique - especially the material used in the climbers that can combine to create a tower up to 16 feet tall. This material creates an illusion of being out in space and offers a visual landscape similar to being atop a mountain. The children are protected but it looks open and new. It revolutionizes their play experience by creating this new perspective - one that allows them to be inspired and free but in an environment that offers security. That's the next evolution.

How can Nucleus Evolution be incorporated into a play environment?
Nucleus Evolution is a collection of products that includes climbers, roofs, barriers and Cobra Slides™ and provides a new way for children to be challenged again and again within the space. Combining Nucleus Evolution with Cobra Slides allows designers to build a tower that goes 16 feet in the air or a unique playscape featuring the latest climbing innovations and sliding experiences. There is a definite "wow" factor here and designers can take creative freedoms in designing a play environment that is right for their space, budget and audience.

What type of play experience will kids have on the Nucleus Evolution?
Kids will climb the Nucleus Evolution for fun, enjoyment, challenge, success and to access new perspectives. They will slide for fun, competition and sheer joy. They will observe, pretend, create friendships, play games and be creative. They will have an all-encompassing play experience that will keep them interested time and time again.

How will kids benefit developmentally from playing on this collection of products?
Kids learn and develop best through play and Nucleus Evolution is no exception. On Nucleus Evolution, children will climb, run, create games, pretend, explore and socialize. All of these activities lead to developmental outcomes that bring so much learning to children but in a fun, natural and relaxed way. Children will develop cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically and also develop language and communication skills. Nucleus Evolution is designed to bring extra engagement through interesting shapes, fast slides, intricate climbers and exciting roofs. The more engaged children are, the more they will want to play and gain all of the developmental benefits associated with added playtime.


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