2023 Class of Fellows, Emily McCoy, North Carolina Chapter03-20-24 | Association News

2023 Class of Fellows, Emily McCoy, North Carolina Chapter

Design Workshop, Raleigh, North Carolina State University
by Staff

North Carolina Chapter - Category: Knowledge

Emily McCoy, a leading practitioner and innovator in landscape performance in environmental design, has long been committed to evidence-based design. She experiments with emerging technologies that have added value to countless sites and clients, resulting in award-winning designs that protect and enhance environmental function. As a national leader in the use of drone and sensor technologies to create smart landscapes that provide site data in real time, Emily's groundbreaking research and publication in measurement and testing for landscape performance has been transformational to landscape architecture practice. Her seminal report, A Landscape Performance + Metrics Primer for Landscape Architects: Measuring Landscape Performance on The Ground, has placed design performance research on the international stage. She works to empower other landscape architecture professionals and students to be more scholarly and meaningful in their work, but also bridge the common goals of sustainability, environmental justice, and resiliency with other allied professions and communities. Through landscape design, planning, restoration, and conservation practices, Emily is committed to mitigating the impact of development on ecosystem systems and health. Her work is rigorous, well-documented, and transferable to related sites. As an associate professor of practice at North Carolina?State University,?she?explores the interplay between professional practice and scholarly research. Her persuasive tools of artful storytelling, innovative design thinking, scientific accounting of the impact of landscape architecture, and expansive thinking in organizational structures and knowledge management have greatly enhanced the knowledge base of the profession.