2023 Class of Fellows, Bryan Hanes, Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter03-22-24 | Association News

2023 Class of Fellows, Bryan Hanes, Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter

Studio Bryan Hanes, Philadelphia
by Staff

Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter - Category: Works

For well over two decades, Bryan Hanes has guided the transformation of major public spaces across the country with a sensitivity and understanding of the natural and cultural systems of a site. With his firm, Studio Bryan Hanes, he strives to create places that enrich human experience and express artful celebration of the everyday. His diverse, award-winning portfolio of public and private design and planning has been guided by subtlety in the landscape and observation of the social habits of people within their communities. In Philadelphia especially, he has created archetypal parks for the public realm, all the while teaching, lecturing, and working with young people. Among his projects are: The Rail Park, Phase I, Philadelphia, where an industrial relic, the Reading Viaduct, was transformed into a vibrant park connecting three disparate underserved neighborhoods, with a path moving between plantings and seating punctuated with multi-faceted wooden platforms; Sister Cities Park, Philadelphia, a new small space worth spending hours in with its elevated net, interactive water jets, a hiding nest, a cafe pavilion, the Sister Cities Fountain, and ample shade; and Simon and Helen Director Park, Portland, OR, where a vibrant urban downtown piazza was built atop an underground parking garage, and transformed a city block with a variety of public spaces and a range of microclimates, amenities, and activities, incorporating strategies for urban greening and stormwater management.