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Upcoming Rainwater Only Landscapes Webinar

Dane Shota, Permaculture and Bio-nutrition Expert
by Staff

Learn the ins and out's of landscaping without a water supply but rather from rainwater, be immersed into the types of plants that can thrive in this type of irrigation. Sign up for Dane Shota's live upcoming Rainwater Only Landscapes with The Landscape Expo Academy.

Webinar Description:
Drought putting a damper on your landscape? Not to worry, this is the best technique to clean the air using plants yet. It was thought that plants cleaned the air by carbon sinking however, energy is used to pump water for irrigation releasing emissions in the air. The only way to have a California landscape that is sustainable is to have a lush rainwater only landscape that is appealing to the public. There are drought tolerant ground covers, shrubs, and trees with beautiful colorful flowers to choose from. With the right planting technique, we can achieve rainwater only landscapes.

Learning Objectives:
1. Why rainwater only landscapes?
2. Permaculture.
3. Bio-nutrition.


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About the Speaker:
Dane Shota
Speaker for the plants and soils section of the Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance. Experience with rainwater only landscapes on his own properties for up to five years in California and Arizona. Bio-nutrition and permaculture expert. Consulting arborist and a real estate broker that improves real estate values with new or existing landscapes. Cal Poly grad in Horticulture.

Webinar Information:

Rainwater Only Landscapes
July 28th at 11 a.m. PDT


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