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The New Tree Academy at The Landscape Expo

The Tree Academy will Feature a Number of Tree Related Demonstrations and Seminars
by Staff

The Landscape Expo, Anaheim, November 16th to the 17th, has put together the new Tree Academy area which will feature multiple speakers, seminars, live demonstrations, and more. The majority of seminars in the Tree Academy will be presented by Jose Mercado, Founder of the Hispanic Arborist Association and a longtime speaker for The Landscape Expo. For the first time this year, Mercado will be presenting his Tree Safety and Rescue seminars indoors thanks to Raymond Bucket Guys, Inc. (RBG) making use of an electric lift.

Along with his Aerial Rescue seminar, that will discuss the procedure and things to keep in mind when dealing with aerial rescue, Mercado will also be presenting a seminar called Tree Safety While Aloft. This seminar will outline the many details that go into the planning and execution regarding working with trees. Both of Mercado's seminars will take place on both days of the Expo.

In addition to Jose Mercado, Brandon Elrod, with the Community Forests Council, will also present a seminar as part of the TLE Tree Academy. His seminar, titled Topping Trees: Understanding this Destructive Cultural Phenomenon, will contain information on the history of tree topping, its persistence, and strategies to improve tree care quality. Elrod's seminar will start at 2 PM on November 16th.

There are a number of vendors and associations that focus on the design, care, and maintenance of trees that will be present at The Landscape Expo as well. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), a non-profit that promotes the benefits of trees, will have a booth. On the side of vendors, Sims Tree Health Specialists, that sells products to support tree restoration among other things, will have a booth right next to the Tree Academy.


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