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September 1st Webinar with Brandon Elrod

Community Forestry
by Staff

Register today for Brandon Elrod's community forestry webinar on September 1st.

About Brandon Elrod:
Brandon is a Certified Arborist, Certified Professional Horticulturist, Agricultural Pest Control Advisor, and a Certified Community Forester. Brandon was a Horticulture major and is a recent graduate of Yale University's Tropical Reforestation program. He is the Director of Community Forests Council and is passionate about helping people rediscover the connection between soil, plants, and human health.

Webinar Description:
Community Forestry is gaining prominence as the new frontier in environmental stewardship. It involves holistic landscape management, tree management, property management and stakeholder engagement. Before we can leverage it as a solution for climate change, however, it is essential to understand what Community Forestry is, and what is required for a successful program. If you are considering implementing it within your design, service, or practice, we invite you to join us September 1 as we discuss the principles of Community Forestry and how they can help create resilient, climate-ready landscapes.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discover what the term Community Forestry means to different demographics.
2. Understand the principals involved in establishing successful Community Forestry.
3. Learn some practical approaches to implementing Community Forestry techniques in the real-world.

Live Stream on September 1st at 11am PDT.
CEUs: LACES 1*, ISA 1*, APLD 1*, PGMS 1*, NALP 1*

Click here to register.


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