TreeDiaper is a patented multifunctional plant protection system featuring slow-release watering rain/snow harvesting salt protection weed control more. It works for all soil types by increasing the Plant Available Water w/o drowning the roots. When soil is too wet TreeDiaper can absorb the otherwise wasted water up. Therefore it also mitigates overwatering issues. It functions in all seasons including winter when other irrigation systems are on strike. It serves two purposes mitigation damages of winter droughts which can be more deadly than summer ones. It also makes water available for washing salt away from the root zone to protect them against salt damages. It is the best irrigation product for Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI). Even there is a lot of water going into GSIs the very porous soil used in the GSI systems are not good at holding moisture. Plants tend to struggle. TreeDiaper is a technology that makes the best use of stormwater and stabilize soil moisture. TreeDiaper tree mats and garden mats are available in multiple sizes and shapes. It is also marketed under the trade name SteadySpring.

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